PerfectTestimonials is a team of professionals that have identified the perfect tool to increase conversion rates of any commercia website.

Customer confidence is a basic matter on any commercial website. There are a variety of things a website owner can do to maximize conversion rates. Web design, special offers, added value and customer testimonials (fake or real). offers a professional video testimonials service at very low rates compared to what other companies do. Please check one of the top companies in the business,, and check their rates where a few lines of text will cost you well over $300 USD.

Video testimonials are very convincing, and really boost a business.
In the mid of 2011, we decided to launch our own video testimonials service where any website owner can order a video testimonial at a fraction of our competitor’s prices.
Since then, we have been providing video testimonials to customers from all around the world with all kinds of businesses.

What makes us special, is that we guarantee quality. All of our testimonials are done by actors based in the US. They are fluent in English. They are well informed about your business (if not they will be), and the testimonials are convincing and thorough. Something you’ll be pleased with, and will come back for more!

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